About DSLR AstroTEC

At DSLR AstroTEC, we convert digital single-lens reflex cameras for astronomical and infrared photography.

We work with professional tools and offer you conversions that are always truly state of the art - nearly every customer’s wish can be fulfilled. Short delivery times for almost all the glass substrates used in astronomy and infrared photography from our large supplier network allow the individual wishes of our customer to be realized.

Our customer relations in addition to our customer-friendly and skilled service before, during, and after our camera conversion are our strength. This makes us almost unique in our sector. You and your concerns are at least as important to us as the camera you entrust to us for conversion.

We have had experience in modification of digital single-lens reflex cameras since 2006, and we rank among the world's leading companies in our sector. Earlier this year, we started expanding our areas of competence, and we now offer the same modifications for Nikon, Olympus and Sony cameras, too.

Quality, efficiency, and precision - made in Germany.


Sincerely yours,

Tobias Dietrich